3 Point Charge

Studio credit: All Works Co.

Electrostatic force between three collinear point charges’

3 Point Charge is the latest album from musician Jeremy Holland-Smith. The album is a one act work which explores the fragility of our psyche -  how easily our emotions are drawn or forced in different directions. 

Jeremy explains, The central three chord motif provides a constant throughout. The smallest alteration shifts the musical energy and therefore, our emotions.  Feelings of restlessness, instability, desolation give way to feelings of hopefulness, joy, and extreme euphoria.  

We mirrored the albums conceptual approach in our visual style, graphically representing the three chord motif to create a sense of movement which illustrates the musical energy and shifts in emotion.

More info: Jeremy Holland-Smith

NicholasSmart_3 Point Charge_PosterCampaign.jpg

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